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Care Direct
(Social Services)
Health and Social Care for Adults in Devon. Information and help for older people, vulnerable adults and their carers.

Call them on 0345 1551 007
Email them on
Visit the Care Direct website

Counselling and Support
For those looking for support or general advice on counselling. Click on the link below.
The Counsellor Directory is a support network that enables those in distress to find
a counsellor close to them or appropriate for their needs.

Visit the Counselling Directory website

Depression and Anxiety Service
The Depression and Anxiety Service (DAS) for East & Mid Devon provide help for people who are stressed, anxious or low in mood. They offer a free self-referral NHS service aiming to provide talking therapy as a first-line treatment. Help is provided through the CBT method, teaching patients guided self-help either face to face, over the telephone or in psychoeducational courses. This is different to conventional counselling and therapy as it looks at the present rather than the past, and leads the patient to take an active part in developing the skills to help themselves in the future.

This service is provided by TALKWORKS on 0300 555 3344.

Visit the Depression and Anxiety Service website

Devon Carers Link
Carers provide unpaid support for family, partners or friends who need help because they are ill, frail or have a disability.

Call them on 03456 434 435
Visit the Devon Carers Link website

Mailing Preference Service
Avoid junk mail

Call them on 0207 291 3310
Visit the Mailing Preference Service website

Telephone Preference Service
Avoid annoying telephone sales calls telephone.

Call them on 0345 0700 707
Visit the Telephone Preference Service website

Health & Care Video Library
Useful website video library funded by the NHS. Visit the website »